Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things To Be Told

Asos gray denim shirt, DIY denim shorts

As written on title, I'm gonna tell you some things now. First of all, me and Lucas are going to have another trip to London and Florence, yay! Well, actually not only both of us. We're allowed to bring 2 more companies to attend the tour (I'll try to keep it secret as I'm going to explain it later when we've arrived there). The tour will be held this Saturday which means 2 days to go! I can't tell you how excited I am now! This is my first time to visit London. I've been dreaming to be there like thousands of years ago and thank God I finally had the chance to be :) And for the dessert, Lucas will also come along, hihi.

Second, a couple of days ago I browsed on Katrina's blog and found such a beautiful, simple and classic blog template! :D After I add some adjustments, it finally ready to goes on public. So what do you think? ;)

Third, spending the whole day at Lucas' house, playing with his little brother, Adrian, who has just arrived from Melbourne and currently having out his holiday. Both of those two are so much alike! I don't even mad if someday Lucas broke me up. I still have his brother, anyway :P Then we went straight to Starbucks (again and again!). But I just remembered that Ian can't hang with coffees so he walked away and bought an ice cream all for himself LOL! Ian is kinda hilarious, unlike his older~ and rather sweeter, for sure :D

Okay then, I think that's all for today. I'll be sooo busy to prepare our dreamy tour and thinking about people I'll tag along. GOD, gonna spend the last 2 days in Moscow for good!

Much love, Sera

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