Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey hey hey beautiful people out thereeee :) How's your week goin? As you can see that I just did a massive redecorate session to this blog. I don't know, I always got some problems with adjusting the width :/ Aaannd a little help from Nava. Yes, she's pretty good in HTML codes beside making headers for people. At first, Katrina's template is the perfect one, but I don't like the lower case alphabets on the sidebar and I don't know how to changed it.... So I decided to changed them all to blogger's old templates and customized it like this! Yep, I hope this one will last longer :) Wdyt?

Anyway, I just bought new accessories this morning. Since I'm not an accessories lover, choosing this kind of fashion stuffs makes me wanna blowed -__- But this time, Eren chose for me 2 of her favourite things she saw at the store and, well, they're not bad afterall!

The first one is from JuicyCouture and the second one is from Nehi Grape, one of the best Indian handmade accessories around Moscow. But I'm not their fans. I kinda hate accessories. Once if don't choose them wisely to be matched with your looks, the overall look will get even worst. Just a small thing, but effects a lot~

Much love, Sera

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