Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fallen In Valentine

I should've posted this post yesterday right on Valentine's day, but sorry for the late, I got so many jobs around February you know, this month known as the "it" month~ Since I was still in Florence, I've got lots of photshoot orders from many people started from young couple to old couples. And now, here I present you my V-day celebrations of course.... with my beloved Mr. Lucas :)

I woke up earlier than I used to and found a turquoise gift-look-alike cake on my desk, PLUS lots of shopping bags *O* Then right after I woke up, Lucas got inside the room and brought me a beautiful bucket of white rose. Damn, I was kinda melting... :D Not only that, he also showed me super gifts which he has planned for about a month! That's pretty crazy, Dude!

The machievous cake! :9

All gifts from Lucas!

So that's my V-day celebrations! Yes, I got lots of gifts for myself, but I think those stuffs will only remain as "accessories" :)  I will only use the Marc Jacobs necklace which was bought by Lucas on his trip to Cannes for the meeting with Barbara, remember? He kept it to be gifted for now, for the V-day... That's incredibly sweet for me, really. Thank you so much for the massive gifts, they're all my favourite. Thank you for the time you spared with me. Thank you for planning this sweet day and mark it as forever in my heart. Thank you, for being by my side.... (even between your hectic days!) :D


Me and Lucas at the central park library...

Much love, Sera

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