Monday, February 6, 2012

Today's Breakfast: Grandma's Tea

Brown roasted sugar-free tea

Not exactly what I ate for today's breakfast. In fact, I didn't eat anything for breakfast. This cup of tea is the only thing that keeps me awake for 12 hours, alone in silence in my bedroom. Yep, everyone's watching movie at the living room and I can't just joined with them! Gah, I'm trapped with tons of pictures to be edited! Last night I talked with Lucas and he looked so tired, even if he kept saying that he's not~ But I can feel it. So I promised to him, today's editor would be....... ME. Sooo, just wish I won't die between my duties, haha!

Random: Lucas' favourite guitar, hihi!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog & I'm now following it! Love your photos, you're very talented! :)

    I think I have to go make myself a mug of tea now! Mmm...

  2. ohmygod thank you sooo much! that means a lot to me :D


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