Saturday, February 25, 2012


Zara all over me.

Hello, people :) Just got home from sightseeing around London for the last time because tonight I'm gonna continue the duties to Milan, and then Paris. As you guys have known, Milan Fashion Week has officially started since last Wednesday and I think I won't be there even for the last day of it so I'm just gonna have a quick stop there to finish some works with the other talents from Medugalion Ent. and deliver the report to the headquarter. Still, I'll try to spare some times to enjoy Milan for the first time :)

Anyway, do check my new soon-to-be crib. Wait.. did I just say, crib? Yup, you heard me. Several days ago I decided to move out (again, sigh) to London since I feel like London really represents me. Then I talked and discussed this with Lucas (and soon to my family too) and he said he agree with me! He'll also move out if I will, and that'll be supa awesume! Soo, since next month I'll officially graduated from uni and gonna take this big step, just hope that everything will be just fine. I'm really excited to be British, LOL!

My favourite spot at my soon-to-be house. Lucas designed this for me :)

Much love, Sera

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