Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Shopping Spree

Like I've told you, I'm going to continue my trip to Florence as the fashions' night out (a. k. a. the biggest reason why I'm in London for my best 4 days in my life...) has passed and this Florence trip is Bumi's gift as me and Lucas have greatly done an awesome project for her production house, remember? I'm still feeling that scared moment until now. FYI that I haven't packed for anything for the trip, just like what happened before I went to London :D So here are some random shots I took in London, check 'em out!

Those photos above was the last boutique I entered to found another great London finds. And don't worry, as there was the part 1, I'll be soonly post the part 2 live from Florence. Okay, Lucas is going to be mad on me if I still haven't packed up :) See you guys weaaaallllyy soon!

PS: When you see this post, I might have flight away again to Florence. Just wish us (me and Lucas) a safe flight and we'll have another great times ahead... together :)

Much love, Sera

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