Friday, February 3, 2012

Premiere Jour A London!

Here it goes... I won't ruine your drolling pictures in this post, so I'm just gonna make one pharagraph this time :) Finally, my very first time sightseeing around London! Almost all of my companies are "dying out" right now so I will first post about the sceneries and places I took this afternoon :) I went on a self-trip by myself to see around Buckingham Palace, the most attractive place in London. Not to mention that I've been dreaming to live in this building someday :D That probably could happen if Lucas broke me up and Prince Harry wants to be my boyfriend, no? Guess no one will attend the next royal wedding if the bride's me! Cut it out :| Big Ben has always been on my mind since I read Detective Conan's comic. The old sould beneath the big clock is the biggest reason why I wanna see it closer. My next stop would be Westminster Abbey. The secret place where that royal wedding happened :) I'd love to visit that place once again before we leave with Lucas. Just by the 2 of us ;)

This is just the opening, I can't wait what has waited for us on days ahead. Anyway, that girl above was just a random girl who stared inside the store alone. Too bad that I didn't take her outfit as she dressed so beautiful and classic. Yes, the rumour has it. Londonish are fashionable. Oh and, what do you say with my photography skill? Increasing, decreasing? Lucas said it's decreasing because I'm getting fatty. My hands aren't that skinny enough for my cameras anymore LOL. Never, ever, believe to what your crazy boyfriend said. Never...

Much love, Sera

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