Sunday, February 12, 2012

Girls, Let's Take A Walk

Natalie, me, Zee, and Revel

Went out for a little walk with some girls. I haven't spent any quality time with them since my trip to London. Especially with Revel :) Now she's fine! I've told her that moving on isn't that hard... Okay, maybe it's quite hard, but I haven't tried it and please, please, don't ever. Anyway, We might dressed up too much and the whole day out was a kind like we were going for the NYFW. Oh, have I told you that I also will be in NY at the last 2 days of the FW? Yep, you heard it! Bumi has teamed up with Schuman once again and he'll take me as the partner, woohoo! You know it's always good when you have friends who can link you with cool people~ So that's why I can proudly suggest you to just get into Medugalion Ent. since they always promote you to world-rate events like this! :)

Went to Forever21 to bought new stuffs. And yes, that's Eren. She didn't get captured in the first photo because she was the one who took it :P She was so beautiful in Aukoala brown leather booties which I've been dealing on because there were no size for me... Damn her little feet. The weather isn't that cold, which I thought we all could dress a little semi casual-formal, you got it?

Also bought this new bracelets for half price. Ha-ha-ha :$ It was kinda funny that one of the sales-staffs knew me and she screamed out loud :D Then she told me about my blog's greatness and how I always manage to keep it cool. I was kinda embrassed LOL. But because of that, we got all 50% discounts and I promised to make a post about that, soon :) Wdyt? It's amazing how blog can brings you so many cool things around, rite? ;)

Much love, Sera

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