Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Give Me Back My Memories

I hope you guys can guess the post from the title. But if you can't, then lemme explain one amazing little thing that just happened yesterday...

Since I couldn't attend the New York Fashion Week, and I somehow looked upset for the last 5 days (at least, that's what people at my office was trying to say), Bumi finally set up another project for me. And guess what?? After spending last time in London, I will finally be back to London, again! :D Of course, this is for the sake of London Fashion Week. But I never expected this to be happen! I mean, when I first stepped my feet in London, and then left it to Florence, I thought my next trip would be in 4 or 5 years again. Hell, I'm gonna be at the same place in 3 hours -__- (Not exactly, cuz I'm currently in London now).

Well, well, but I'm really sorry for not telling you guys before. Time sure flies so fast and I didn't have the chance to touch my blog :( I just arrived here last night and then continued by preparing all stuffs for the (late) fashion week next morning. I do bring some companies here. They're Eren (as always), Mikki (Eren's little sister), and soon Lucas will tag along too. He still has some works to be done and he has promised to be in London to support me. Well, for me, it's okay if he can't make it. But Lucas somehow loves travelling since we're in a relationship :/

Here I'm working with Park Shin Hye, a South-Korean journalist and her photographer, Alex Yamamoto. Both of them are really a good partner to be and I'm glad my partner this time isn't the bad one. Once working could be so stressedful when you get the wrong partner, right? So, yeah! That's the latest news from me. I'm gonna update more often live on London for once again, and be sure to come back!

Much love, Sera

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